Coming from a country that was failing as Marxist ideology began to take over, I felt blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to have a shot at the American dream. At the young age 19 years old I came to the Unites States from Zimbabwe to attend university with nothing but a suitcase and a few hundred dollars in my pocket. Armed with a dream and the determination to see it come true, i managed to pay my way through college, graduated, worked for corporate America and eventually started a thriving small business. I have always felt I am the master of my own destiny and this country has been a blessing to me in a way that i could have never imagined.

As someone who grew up in a once thriving capitalist nation that later embraced Marxism, I see America entertaining the same ideology that eventually led to the collapse of Zimbabwe. My passion for politics come from a deep desire to maintain the greatness & the ideals of America by being an activist and fearless voice against the rise of far left in America.

I have written a soon to be released book about the dangerous Marxist rhetoric we now starting to see take root in America. You can sign up to get notified at https://choiceprivilegebook.com/

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